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comments are screened! [01 Jan 2025|08:39pm]
use this post to submit, anonymously or not, anything you would like to see included in a tabloid post. this will heavily rely on member participation so don't be shy! you can make things up, as gossip magazines sometimes do, but please do not submit anything negative to bash another member. your submissions do not have to come from your celeb and also can be about your celeb. submissions are a mostly ooc thing unless you're trying to be rdj submitting blinds about all of his friends, which is perfectly okay with me if that's how you want to play it. i will not be collecting submissions as any celeb in the comm so you never have to worry about anybody here seeing and using these tips ic. most importantly we want to have fun with this!

we will be making posts every few days (as long as we have the content to do so) even if it's just one or two items. if anything is iffy we will reach out to you to make sure we have your approval before including something but if you do not want to be included in any way please comment logged in here to let us know!
since people are allowed to opt out we need all names to be included when submitting gossip even if it's just "so and so is sleeping with three different people." all four names must be there.
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